Google has introduced Entertainment Space, a media-focused feature designed exclusively for Android tablets.

Google also created a new 'Entertainment Room' for media on Android tablets

It's a new portal in the Android tablet app that aids in content exploration by putting YouTube videos, TV shows, movies, sports, and books together in one place. It's one of the most significant updates to the Android tablet experience in a long time, and it has the potential to be very useful. Everyone in your family should have their own individualized profile, which is very useful if you all share an Android tablet.

“You'll save time and stop hopping between applications to find out what to do, whether it's to watch, enjoy, or read,” Google clarified in a blog post. "Once you sign in to your subscription applications, Entertainment Space will bring all of your content together in one place, personalized to you."

How Entertainment Space looks and works

The Entertain Space includes a Watch segment that resembles the Google TV experience, along with a list of viewing applications loaded on your tablet and Google TV tips. By pressing the play button, you will be taken to the app where the video is stored on your computer.

In Entertainment Space, there's also a Gaming section with suggested names and a "continue playing" row of games, and a focus on "instant play" games. Finally, a Books tab displays what you're reading right now in Google Play Books. Classic books on sale, as well as audiobooks, are also available.

How to find Entertainment Space

On the left side of the Android tablet's home screen is the Entertainment Space

Which tablets offer Entertainment Space?

It will debut in May on Walmart-branded Android tablets before expanding internationally in 2021 to include other Android devices from Lenovo, Sharp, and others.

Entertainment Space isn't especially groundbreaking, and there are a few catch-22s at launch. For starters, Samsung isn't yet listed as an OEM partner. Also, Netflix isn't a part of Entertainment Space, but it will still appear in the "recently used" applications section.


Google's Entertainment Space for Android tablets brings together films, apps, and books -

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