If sheep counting and melatonin haven't worked, Google might be able to help.

5 ways the Google Nest smart speaker can assist you in falling asleep

If you've had one too many cups of coffee or can't manage to calm your mind, your Google Home or Google Nest smart speaker can make you sleep like a newborn. The gadget is useful for planning your day, but it can also be used to relax.

Start with "Hey, Google, I can't sleep," if you're having trouble sleeping. It will respond with a variety of choices to help you fall asleep, including nature noises, deep breathing, counting sheep, ambient music, or sleepy playlists. It does not, though, provide a solution for nightmares.

Here are a few things you can tell your Google Home or Google Nest to help you fall asleep.

Ask Google to play relaxing music

If you have an account on YouTube Music, Google Play Music, Spotify, Pandora, or Deezer, Google can find a playlist of ambient music for you (if not, all these services all have free options). If you like the playlist, save it in your music app. When you set up your mic or later use the Google Home app, you can connect your social media accounts.

Google can play a podcast

When my mind won't shut down, one of my favorite ways to fall asleep is to listen to a podcast. Granted, if you simply ask Google to play a podcast, it can choose a couple at random, any of which may or may not be of interest to you. You may, however, specify what you want to hear. The Sleep With Me podcast is my personal favorite. It's just exciting enough to keep your mind from wandering, and it's just long enough to bore you. For me, the Google Podcasts app fits well for my Google Home.

You can't set a sleep timer with your voice yet, but you can do so by tapping the moon icon after starting an episode. You have the option of stopping the podcast after 5 minutes, 105 minutes, or the end of the episode. Bedtime Stories for Nobody, the Dream Meditation Podcast, One-Third of Life, Tracks to Relax, and Sleep Whispers are only a few of the podcasts included in the app to help you sleep.

Who doesn't love relaxing nature sounds?

You can repeat the request as required before you find a sound you want. Rain, a babbling brook, crickets, and chirping birds were among the sounds I heard. If you don't want to take a toilet break, don't let the water sounds wake you up at night! Nature sounds playlist from your related music apps can also be played by the Google Home or Nest.

'Hey, Google, tell me a bedtime story'

I enjoy falling asleep while listening to podcasts or watching TV shows. If your child is having trouble sleeping, consider using Google Home's bedtime story feature. The stories are aimed at children, but they could be used as background noise for children of any generation. Make sure you have Google Play Books and Storynory enabled because Google selects short stories from those applications. You will choose between 3- to 10-minute fairy tales, funny dramas, and shorts based on famous TV characters such as Dora the Explorer.

Yes, Google can sing you a lullaby

Asking Google to sing or perform a lullaby is another way to help kids get ready for bed. Classics such as Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star, a German Cradle Song, and Rock-a-bye Baby with a reworked (less violent) ending are among the songs included.

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