With the April patch, OxygenOS is now available for the OnePlus 9 series
OnePlus 9 series

 Following criticism of OnePlus' previous upgrade track record, OxygenOS has begun rolling out for the OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro, along with the April 2021 security patch.

About the fact that we're far into April, it's always nice to see the OnePlus 9 series get the new patch. It would be more difficult to criticize OnePlus if it could simply begin to update the majority of the hardware to the same monthly patch. The upgrade, however, has not yet been officially verified. Early adopters on the OnePlus Forums have reported seeing OxygenOS rollout.

It's a pretty large upgrade, with screenshots showing a 350MB update kit with a slew of patches and tweaks for problems users are having with the new OnePlus 9 devices. Aside from the April release, the most noticeable changes are even more camera modifications. White balance changes, which reduce over-sharpening, are included in OxygenOS, as well as what OnePlus calls "image purity and ambiance" efficiency.

We'll have to wait until the upgrade is more generally available before we can tell whether the OTA brings any significant camera efficiency changes. If you want the complete scoop, check out the changelog below:

Changelog for OxygenOS for OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro


  • The sensitivity of the keyboard in the edge region has been improved.
  • The temperature management technique has been improved.
  • The battery icon in the status bar is no longer abnormally displayed.
  • The problem where the Google Fi SIM card could not accept incoming calls was fixed.
  • Documented problems were fixed, and the system's reliability was improved.
  • The Android protection patch has been updated to version 2021.04.
  • GMS kit has been updated to version 2021.03.


  • Image purity and ambiance consistency have been improved.
  • The white balance accuracy of the rear camera has been improved.
  • The rear camera's picture over-sharpening has been improved.
With the April patch, OxygenOS is now available for the OnePlus 9 series

As previously said, OnePlus has not yet announced the OxygenOS
 update, but we're confident that an announcement will be made shortly — most likely within the next few days. We're not sure if the OTA file is still available for sideloading via Oxygen Updater, but it's worth double-checking.

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