The OxygenOS Open Beta 3 and Beta 9 updates for the OnePlus 8T and 8 versions, respectively, seem to be rolling out now.

[Open Beta 4] has been released. With April patches and more, OxygenOS Open Beta 3 and 9 are now available for the OnePlus 8/8T series

[04/26/UPDATE]: OnePlus has stated that the OxygenOS Open Beta 3 build for the OnePlus 8T will arrive as Open Beta 4 after initially rolling out. The initial rollout was stopped shortly after release due to a number of problems and glitches, according to reports:

Open Beta 4 for the OnePlus 8T is now available. If you're curious about OBT3, the launch was halted shortly after it was published. You won't have any problems updating from OBT2 or OBT3.

Aside from the numbering scheme, there are no other modifications to the build.

While there has been no official announcement from OnePlus, users on the OnePlus forums have been able to download the update for the OnePlus 8T, 8, and 8 Pro (via XDA). It's a sizable upgrade, but as with the most recent stable update for the OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro, the April 2021 security patch is also the most prominent new addition.

It's nice to see a new security fix, but we believe that for all three users, OnePlus can prioritize the secure upgrade route over the Open Beta. Apart from that, there are a host of other updates in OxygenOS Open Beta 3 and 9 that can help owners fix some of the issues they've been complaining about in recent months.

Screenshot pop-ups should be restored, and the Always-on view option should be tweaked as well. The majority of the updates are merely a set of minor issues that arise while using beta applications. The complete changelog for all three platforms is available below:

Changelog for OxygenOS Open Beta 3 and 9 for OnePlus 8T, OnePlus 8, and OnePlus 8 Pro

  • the system
  • Fixed an issue where some apps' fonts were displayed incorrectly after customizing fonts.
  • The status bar could not be dragged down due to a slight chance problem.
  • The status bar no longer displays app icons in a limited percentage of cases.
  • The problem with missed calls not showing up in the notification bar has been resolved.
  • Fixed a slight chance that the extended screenshot would stop running.
  • Fixed a slight chance that recording audio with headphones wouldn't perform as intended.
  • The Android protection patch has been updated to version 202104.
  • Under the photo mode Calculator, the previewed images were flickering in a tiny percentage of cases.
  • Under the split-screen Ambient View, the calculator was used to fix the irregular display.
  • The problem with AOD's contextual details not being updated on a timely basis has been resolved.
  • The problem with the ambient monitor switching to Canvas after the system owner is updated has been resolved.
  • AOD problem where the time was shown incorrectly when the machine language was Hebrew has been resolved.
  • OnePlus Games has recently introduced the Data Monitor function to the Game Toolbox, which allows you to track FPS, CPU, and GPU changes in real-time.
  • The gallery's loading speed has been improved to make the method of previewing pictures go faster.
[Open Beta 4] has been released. With April patches and more, OxygenOS Open Beta 3 and 9 are now available for the OnePlus 8/8T series

If you've already signed up for the beta, all OTA files should arrive in the coming days. We expect OnePlus to pursue the tried-and-true staged deployment method, but some commenters on the original threads say that if you're willing to sideload, you can get both OxygenOS Open Beta 3 and files from Oxygen Updater.

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