In the United States, the LG Velvet will receive Android 11, with Verizon becoming the first to receive it
LG Velvet

Even though the LG Velvet is the company's last mainstream luxury smartphone, updates are still being rolled out despite the company's decision to exit the smartphone market. In the United States, Android 11 was spotted rolling out to the LG Velvet this week.

LG is now rolling out Android 11 to the Velvet in the United States, seven months after the upgrade rolled out to Pixels. The update will first appear on Verizon Wireless. Since the Velvet is not sold unlocked in the United States, each of its models will have to wait for carrier clearance before receiving the Android 11 update. Verizon is the first company in the queue.

On the Velvet, what's new in Android 11? Aside from Google's own updates, such as notification enhancements, Verizon reports a number of other upgrades. Burst Mode, which can be accessed with a drag, allows users to capture video by long-pressing the shutter button for brief periods of time.
The update is already rolling out, and if LG keeps its word, this will not be the phone's last update.

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