Four of the biggest soccer/football clubs in England, Italy, and Spain launched the European Super League on Sunday. After strong criticism, it's on the brink of collapsing just three days later. Today, Google UK sent a cheeky tweet about the case, including a tip about how to undo Super League-class messes messages in Gmail.

In a cheeky Gmail undo tweet, Google UK mocks the Super League

A snapshot of the help page for Gmail's Undo Send is included in the Google Super League tweet. After pressing the Send button, this feature adds a 5-, 10-, 20-, or 30-second artificial pause. During this time, you will retract the email to edit it or delete it completely. The extra time is only accessible on the web version of Gmail, though there is a simple, temporary workaround in the Android app.

It's a good laugh, though, after 15 hours, the post has just 67 retweets and 245 likes. Compared to @Google's 22.9 million followers, this @GoogleUK account has over 190,000 followers. Despite the company's historical fondness for April Fools', the company's social media pages have never been particularly cheeky in their tone/brand name, but this was a very nice and timely first outing.

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