Google 3D AR Animals

Google's Android AR services are expected to update to include various camera support, giving a greater sense of depth to your favorite AR games, including 3D animals.

Google's Play Services for AR – formerly ARCore – has a large number of experiences in virtual reality on Android, including the pixel-exclusive AR playground, the craze of Google Search's 3D cat, among other versions, such as one recently landed on Perseverance Mars.

Google Play Services for AR, formerly known as ARCore, is in charge of a variety of virtual reality experiences on Android, including the Pixel-exclusive AR Playground, Google Search's 3D animal craze, and other versions including those for the recent Perseverance Mars landing.

Play Services for AR recently got an upgrade, and the Play Store's "What's New" section for the game has been filled out, as spotted by Android Police. Along with more application compatibility, the upgrade promises dual-camera support for improved depth perception.

On compatible platforms, dual camera stereo depth is available.

Play Services for AR will use two of your phone's cameras to determine how best to position objects in the scene, similar to how humans blend the signals from two eyes to help grasp how far away those objects are. This should make upcoming play sessions with Google's 3D animals look and sound more natural.

According to AP, a Google Play Services for AR support page has been revised to show that the Pixel 4 and Pixel 4 XL will be the first ones to support dual-camera AR. Dual-camera depth should start arriving for Pixel 4 owners “in the coming weeks,” according to the same page.

Following that, Google can extend the same support to other Pixels and Android phones with multiple cameras, such as the Pixel 5 and Pixel 4a 5G. Google and other OEMs would more likely need to calibrate and configure depth perception depending on the distance between the phone's two cameras.

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