We reimagined Google Pay last year to be a secure, convenient, and useful way to pay and handle your finances. The app has a lot of features that allow you to pay friends and companies, save money with discounts and incentives, and keep track of your finances. We're launching three new features today to help you save money on groceries, pay for buses in more cities, and better understand your expenses.

Google Pay offers new ways to save, commute, and manage money

Save at the grocery store

Small costs add up, but finding opportunities to conserve on daily things like food will help you stay on track with your budget. It is, however, a time-consuming process. It can be time-consuming to browse through coupons, choose the best deal, remember to carry it with you or hunt down the promo code you saw online (where was it again?).

We partnered with Safeway to make finding weekly grocery offers from the Google Pay app easy. Thousands of goods are on sale at more than 500 Safeway locations around the country. Similar promotions can also be seen at Target locations around the country.

Google Pay offers new ways to save, commute, and manage money

In the Google Pay app, you can find weekly grocery sales at Safeway and Target stores.

In the Google Pay app, look for Safeway or Target and hit "View Weekly Offers" to see the most recent grocery deals. If you've activated location in Google Pay, you'll soon get notifications from the app about weekly sales at Safeway and Target stores while you're nearby.

Pay for transit with Google Pay in more cities

In more than 80 cities and towns throughout the United States, Google Pay now supports the purchase and use of mobile transit fares. We'll be adding Chicago and the San Francisco Bay Area to the list in the near future. We continue to extend not only to major cities but also to scores of smaller towns throughout the country through our integration with Token Transit, in order to offer mobile ticketing to more residents.

Users of Google Pay on Android will soon be able to purchase transit tickets directly from the app's home screen. You can buy or add a transit card, top up the balance, and pay for your fare by tapping the “Ride transit” shortcut. There's no need to open your phone after you've purchased a transit card. Simply hold it up to the reader and walk forward. Commuters in cities without readers will simply display their visual tickets on their phones.

Google Pay offers new ways to save, commute, and manage money

See your monthly spending in just a few taps

The new Google Pay software was created to help you keep track of your finances by giving you a complete picture of your finances. Go to the "Insights" tab to see your account balances and other useful information about your expenses, such as future payment updates, weekly spend summaries and warnings for big purchases.

When participation in social events resurfaces, we've made it simple to keep track of your expenses. A quick way to see your expenses by group or company was recently introduced. If you search for “food,” for example, you can see the amount you spent on food this month as well as a list of all your food-related purchases. You can narrow the quest even further by looking for “burgers” or a particular company, such as “Burger King.” You won't have to think about categorizing or totaling your costs because Google Pay would do that for you.

Google Pay offers new ways to save, commute, and manage money

Google Pay Android and IOS keeps helping you handle your daily money activities with features like grocery savings, bus payment, and keeping track of your spending habits all in one place.

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