The ability to pick a group of Google Assistant speakers and Android TVs to play the same audio at the same time is a useful function. It's a helpful feature, but if your speaker party includes the latest Chromecast with Google TV, it could also be breaking them.

Google data was added to the article on April 19th.

Google had been working on enabling speaker groups to work with Android TV devices for some time before the introduction of the new Chromecast. After all, it was a standout feature of previous Chromecast versions, so it couldn't be missing from the current one. Although it seems to function at this time, some users have reported problems.

Some users have reported that their speaker groups will spontaneously stop playing and will only buffer continuously, according to Android Police. It's aggravating, and it seems to be a problem for all music services. Who's to blame? Although it can't be known for certain, it seems that the latest Chromecast with Google TV is the source of the problem, which has persisted for months and several updates.

I've been having this problem for quite some time, but I didn't know it was due to the Chromecast. Rather, I assumed it was just a Spotify quirk. However, I'm not alone; many users have mentioned this issue on Google's forums dating back to October of last year.

Adding the latest Chromecast to a speaker party after playback has begun, a feature Google rolled out recently, appears to be a workaround for the problem. When those groups are set up, the new Chromecast can still trigger a pause or freeze, but it doesn't stop playback on all devices, only the one it's connected to.
Update 4/19: Following a period of silence on the topic, Google has confirmed to 9to5Google that it is aware of the problem. The problem is still impacting users two months after our initial study, but it may not be for much longer. According to Google, a patch for this issue will be available “in the coming weeks.”

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