Building a system control and protection approach based on remote access is a central component as many businesses combine a return to workplace plans into current work-from-home policies. Mobility is a vital connection for employees who need access to business services from everywhere in this age of hybrid employment.

Android Enterprise security allows for more flexibility in the workplace
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According to a recent Forrester survey, IT administrators can use on-device protection and enterprise management features to develop an efficient and scalable security policy, emphasizing the importance of remote access for business continuity. To help their teams succeed in this hybrid environment, organizations can allow Android Enterprise's multilayered defenses and management capabilities, which have effective built-in security without adding layers of complexity.

Security built-in as a foundation

According to Forrester's report, 78 percent of IT administrators surveyed want to expand their use of on-device protection in the coming year. Android provides enterprise-grade protection tools that address the needs of today's enterprises when it comes to anti-malware safety, safely configuring smartphones, and handling smartphone apps.

Operating machine platform stability, according to Forrester, should be the cornerstone of every device security policy. Organizations benefit from Android Enterprise's on-device security, which is designed to help secure data, preserve employee privacy, and provide IT, administrators, with a robust range of management tools. The study highlights how Android uses Google Play Protect's anti-malware safeguards to provide continued security against potentially malicious software. An IT security team will rely heavily on built-in functionality to achieve the security posture that companies of all sizes need to protect against complicated threats in this way.

Our recently revised Android Enterprise Security Paper includes a thorough examination of the hardware and device security features in Android that can be relied upon for accessing vital and confidential data.

Security admins need, privacy employees require

Android has a wide range of security features that are designed to provide automated protection from a variety of attacks. Google Play Protect is a free built-in security solution that uses machine learning to respond to emerging security threats.

The Android job profile allows businesses to safely enroll mobile devices and give employees more anonymity on company-owned smartphones and tablets. In its study, Forrester points out that Android's job profile has good data separation and security functionality. Android provides administrators a built-in solution to provide workers with encrypted access that aligns with their job styles without exchanging any data from personal apps on devices with IT by separating personal and work apps on devices with distinct encryption keys for each profile.

Admins can decide which public or internal applications can be built in the job profile using Managed Google Play. The granular levels of protection provided by Android Enterprise APIs and the built-in security provided by utilities like Google Play Protect provide a solid base for mounting a good threat defense. In addition, the SafetyNet Attestation API works with partner Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) solutions to ensure that devices are secure. As an example of a better system integrity assessment, hardware-backed tests are also included.

You can trust the platform and management security features in Android Enterprise no matter where the teams are operating. Read the Forrester study to learn more about developing an on-device approach, and our security paper to learn more about incorporating features.


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