TomTom AmiGo is a new third-party navigation option for Android Auto
 Android Auto


Now that Android Auto is available to developers, we'll see a huge increase in the number of alternative navigation applications, the most recent of which is TomTom AmiGo.

While Sygic was the first third-party navigation app for Android Auto, TomTom's massive success in some regions means the AmiGo is right behind it. It's difficult to convince people to move from Google Maps to another service, but TomTom has a long history of GPS-enabled Satnavs in Europe.

It also has features including a traffic camera and speed limit alerts, which are issued in real-time by users to help guarantee that you don't get a speeding ticket without warning. If you don't like Google Maps for navigation, TomTom AmiGo is now completely compliant with Android Auto head units (h/t Auto Evolution).

Fortunately, the software is totally free, with no in-app advertisements. Previously, access to TomTom's in-depth mapping data and improved navigation needs a paying subscription. It seems that AmiGo is unaffected by this, which removes one roadblock if you wish to pursue this solution to Google Maps while preparing the next road trip.

If more developers join the Android Auto platform, expect to see a much larger range of applications compliant with it in the coming months. You should be able to download TomTom AmiGo from the Google Play Store and start navigation right away if your Android Auto head unit is installed and supported.

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