To easily reach ‘Home power,' swipe down on Nest Hubs once more.
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 Google updated Assistant Smart Displays in October, reorganizing main features into dedicated tabs and introducing a dark theme. In certain respects, the old Nest Hub UI was an upgrade over the previous version, but it had one advantage in terms of easily accessing Home power.

Aside from being an Assistant speaker and picture frame, the Hub also allows you to monitor your smart home gadgets visually. This was previously accomplished by swiping down to reveal a shade of buttons for Lights, Media, Broadcast, Thermostats, Cameras, and Locks, similar to Android's fast settings.

Users could still swipe up to get a strip of device controls for light, speed, DND, alarms, input, and settings as Smart Displays transitioned to the vertical tab configuration, however. Instead, you had to go to “Your morning/afternoon/evening” and swipe left twice or reach the correct segment in the top bar specifically.

Google has quietly restored the option to swipe down from the top of the Nest Hub to access the "Home power" tab within the last few days. This works on clocks, photo frames, and other screens such as temperature and music controls.

To easily reach ‘Home power,' swipe down on Nest Hubs once more.

Similar to the inclusion of three new context clock faces last week, fast access to Home control seems to have secretly rolled out on both the Nest Hub and Hub Max as a server-side upgrade. It comes after the larger Cast 1.52 firmware update at the beginning of last month, which included Sunrise alerts and other features.

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