The Pixel 3a's screen corners have been altered by the December 2020 update.
Source:Sebastian Bednarek on Unsplash

For those of you who have the Pixel 3a, it seems that the December 2020 update might have changed the corners of your screen/display.

We've recently seen an increase in complaints about the camera on specific Google Pixel camera hardware, but further digging by Android Police has shown that complaints are still increasing about a strange screen quirk added to the Pixel 3a following the December 2020 security patch — and resulting Pixel Feature Drop.

To begin, although this seems to be a minor problem that you might have overlooked, it is visible from some angles. Essentially, rumors have grown that the device masking of the Pixel 3a screen corners has been removed since the December 2020 update. When the gadget is kept at certain angles, the usually gentle curves in the very corners become blunt or pointed.

It's very little, but once you see the little square edges at the corners of your Pixel 3a frame, it's difficult to "unsee." There is no reason to worry since this is most certainly a tech problem that will be addressed in a potential update.

There have been many reports of people having this strange little screen problem on the Pixel Phone Help Forums and the /r/GooglePixel subreddit. Many people are arguing that the screen corners are a pixel or two off, which is slightly infuriating until you find the issue — assuming you are affected. User /u/nikkomercado posted an analogy that illustrates the issue reasonably well:

The Pixel 3a's screen corners have been altered by the December 2020 update.

Neither the January nor February 2021 fixes have fixed the problem for Pixel 3a owners, but if Google is aware of this odd little screen corner issue, we're confident it will be fixed. It's worth noting that this problem has no effect on your device's operating capability or performance. It just appears to have an unusual appearance. No other Pixel devices tend to be affected, and it's unclear if the Pixel 3a XL is as well.

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