Is it possible that the latest Pixel mobile will be unveiled at Google I/O?

The Pixel 6 may be out next month, according to Google's CEO

The full schedule for Google's I/O tech conference next month has been released, and a Google Pixel 6 announcement may be on the cards. About the fact that the smartphone isn't included in the event calendar, Google's CEO has stated that the conference would feature "major product changes and announcements," according to 9to5Google.

On an earnings call, Sundar Pichai made the remarks to analysts.

The Pixel 6 is supposed to follow in the footsteps of its ancestor, the Pixel 5, by providing good specifications at a more affordable price. Google's Pixel phones are normally announced in September or October, and Pichai claims that "product launches are returning to a normal cadence" after the pandemic's disruption. As a result, I/O might be a little early for a complete reveal. Nonetheless, Google could tease or confirm the device's presence at any time.

Google is also said to be working on a foldable phone codenamed Passport, which it could unveil at the case.

The Pixel 6 is planned to have 5G networking, a 6-inch high-refresh-rate screen (90Hz or 120Hz), and facial recognition.

From the 18th to the 20th of May, Google I/O will be streamed life online. It's also planned to have Android 12 and Google TV upgrades.

Google is focusing on UWB networking, which will be available in the Pixel 6 family

The Pixel 6 may be out next month, according to Google's CEO

Google is testing ultra-wideband (UWB) compatibility in its Android hardware, most likely for the Pixel 6 series of tablets.

UWB has been the new trendy feature for smartphones and smart home gadgets in the last year or so. The iPhone 12 series uses UWB to do cool stuff like attach to a HomePod Mini simply by taking your phone close to it or specifically find an AirTag in the Apple ecosystem. Samsung is now using UWB for their SmartTags, which allows the handset to serve as a car key for vehicles that accept it.

Given its success, UWB will almost certainly be available on all flagship-tier smartphones in the near future. To that end, XDA's Mishaal Rahman revealed on Twitter that Google is working on adding UWB support to an upcoming device codenamed "Raven," which is thought to be part of the Pixel 6 family. This fall's Made by Google phones will be "Raven" and "Oriole," all of which will run on Google's own Whitechapel GS101 chip.

We may confirm that Google has been operating with Qorvo's UWB hardware based on documents seen by 9to5Google. Since no existing Nest hardware supports UWB networking, no details about how the rumored Pixel 6 family will use it has surfaced.

For the time being, the only hints we have come from the open-source UWB code for Android 12. This code is primarily concerned with deciding the distance between two UWB devices and the angle at which they are placed together. For the time being, these UWB capabilities would only be accessible to system apps, excluding other Android developers from using them.

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