Each second counts in a natural catastrophe or an emergency. When it comes to earthquakes, for example, reports suggest that more than half of all accidents can be avoided if people are given early notice and the crucial seconds they need to get to safety. As a result, we released the Android Earthquake Alerts System last year, which uses sensors in Android smartphones to track earthquakes all over the world. When you search “Earthquake near me,” the free system offers near-instant updates to Google Search about nearby seismic activities.

Outside of the United States, Android Earthquake Alerts are now available
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Today, we're announcing an extension of the Android Earthquake Warnings System that includes both monitoring and alerting features, taking these alerts to Android devices in countries where early warning alert services aren't accessible. In Greece and New Zealand, we're launching the Android Earthquake Warnings System, which will send out automatic early warning notifications to Android users when an earthquake occurs in their region. Users that do not like these warnings should switch them off in their system settings.

In August 2020, we began alerting in collaboration with the United States Geological Survey (USGS) by used ShakeAlert®, which made warnings accessible to Android users in California. This functionality was recently made available to users in Oregon, and it will be available in Washington in May.

In New Zealand and Greece, early warning warnings use the accelerometers installed into most Android smartphones to track seismic waves that mean an earthquake is imminent. If the phone feels what it believes to be an earthquake, it sends a signal to our earthquake monitoring server, along with a rough spot of the trembling. The server then uses the data from several phones to determine whether or not an earthquake is occurring, when it is occurring, and how strong it is.

New Zealand and Greece will be the first countries to use the Android Earthquake Alerts System's monitoring and alerting capabilities. We hope that by using this framework, we will be able to provide people with the information they need to remain healthy.

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