In the United States, the Google Store has begun offering refurbished Nest items.

Made by Google began selling refurbished goods at a marginally reduced price in September. The two original products have long been out of stock, and the Google Store in the United States is now extending its refurbished inventory to include Nest smart home products.

There is also a section for "Refurbished Connected Home Devices" in addition to Pixel phones. For $90, you can get a used Nest Protect in either a wired or battery-powered setup.

New smoke detectors today sell for $119, with Google not specifying beforehand how long it has previously been in use, or whether they’ve replaced the “10-year electrochemical carbon monoxide sensor” with a new component. Users normally get an alert when it’s time to replace the entire Protect.

The smart device can be controlled via a mobile app and turn on a “Pathlight” when motion is detected at night.

A refurbished Nest Cam Indoor is also available for $115 on the Google Store today, which is just $14.99 less than purchasing fresh. Given that surveillance cameras are barely used, this is most likely a safer way to save money. It records in 1080p resolution and can be placed on a tripod or on its magnetic base.

A one-year Google warranty is included on all refurbished items. These machines are inspected, cleaned/repaired to “like-new” condition, quality-tested, and repackaged.

Google Refurbished goods may have been formerly purchased by someone else or just spending more time in a factory than normal. Refurbished Google devices are in good operating order but may have slight cosmetic flaws.

Google is no longer selling the Pixelbook or the refurbished first-generation Google Wifi 3-pack for $179. The Chromebook was discontinued in September, with a starting price of $749 before being reduced to $699 on the refurb store.

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