In May, the Google Wifi program will be phased out in favor of Google Home.
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As of now, Google Wifi and Google Home are the two separate applications for handling the Google Wifi and Nest Wifi networks. The older Google Wifi app will be phased out next month in favor of the all-in-one Google Home.

The “Google Wifi” software will begin the process of shutting down on May 25th, according to an email sent out today to owners of a Google Wifi or Nest Wifi network. The Google Wifi client will no longer be able to create new networks or reconfigure existing networks after that date.

The Google Wifi app will be delisted from the Google Play Store and Apple App Store in June, and it will no longer be funded. Customers would be required to use only the Google Home app.

The email's key goal is to brace Google and Nest Wifi customers for the impending transition by advising them to move their networks as soon as possible to the Google Home app. Your network configurations will be available and manageable in both the Google Wifi and Google Home applications before the shutdown process begins on May 25.

Google offers a greater range of functionality for their routers through the Google Home app, including prioritization of Zoom calls, Assistant-based voice commands, and modern connected system alerts, in addition to merely swapping apps.

The Google Wifi software was designed to set up and operate Google's OnHub routers, which are manufactured by ASUS and TP-Link. Though not listed in the email note, these OnHub routers are also included in the migration from Google Wifi to Google Home, which follows a similar method. It's unclear if a network can be set up and managed without an Android or iOS handset.

While this app's demise was unavoidable due to the heavy overlap between the two, it's still frustrating to see. Despite the fact that the Google Home app can now handle networks almost as well, the Google Wifi app's proper architecture made it easy to locate and manage for those who want more in-depth control over their network.

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