In 2021, Google Nest will launch a new generation of surveillance cameras.
Google Nest Cam

Google today reported that the Nest Cam IQ Outdoor is sold out, following our announcement that it was out of stock. Nest also told 9to5Google that a "new lineup of surveillance cameras for 2021" is in the works.

The Cam IQ was first revealed by Nest in June of 2017 as an update to its entry-level surveillance cameras. A Cam IQ Outdoor version was unveiled later in September. The company reported to us that the model is already sold out and that current owners will receive "ongoing feature support, bug upgrades, and essential security patches."

“Nest will continue to invest in innovative innovations,” Google said today. This requires a “new lineup of surveillance cameras for 2021,” according to the press release. Other than that, the organization just gives a sneak peek into what to say.

Google revealed a strategic alliance with ADT last August, which coincides with the launch of new Nest Cams later this year. Skilled technicians will "sell and mount equipment like Nest Cameras and Nest Hub Max" as part of a new monitoring solution the two are developing.

The new Google camera lineup continues with the $129.99 Nest Cam Indoor, which was reduced by $70 in May. The Nest Cam Outdoor and Nest IQ Indoor are also available. Although the Cam IQ Indoor received its last hardware upgrade in late 2017, Google added Assistant to it a year later, turning it into a smart speaker-like product.

Meanwhile, Google redesigned the Nest Aware subscription in 2020, introducing a flat-rate price model that applies to all goods. If incident video history is preserved for 30 or 60 days is divided into two levels. The latter package (Aware Plus) also contains a 10-day video archive that is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The basic plan costs $6 a month, while the premium plan costs $12 a month with an annual contract. Last year, the Nest family added a new $129.99 Thermostat and Nest Audio speaker to its lineup.

In terms of the future, a Google Smart Display was approved by the FCC yesterday. In the coming months, a new Nest Hub could join the Google surveillance cameras of 2021.

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