If like me, you choose Chromecast and Android TV but also want to watch some Apple TV+ episodes, you might have run into a snag. Although Apple TV (hardware) owners and those with AirPlay-compatible TVs will have no trouble finding and casting Apple TV+ programs, not everyone will be so fortunate. Here's how to use Chromecast and Android TV to stream Apple TV+.

How to use Chromecast and Android TV to stream Apple TV+

Is it possible to cast Apple TV+ from an iPhone or Android phone?

For one thing, without a major workaround, you can't directly Chromecast an Apple TV+ display from an iPhone. If you're using the Apple TV app, you'll just have the option of using AirPlay, because your Android TV won't be mentioned by default. There is actually no Apple TV app for Android, so if you were planning to simply cast your phone screen, you won't be able to do so.

But don't forget about those important workarounds I listed earlier. While there is a way to make your Android TV AirPlay friendly, it isn't the most elegant workaround ever. Some applications, such as AirReceiver and AirPin, were created especially for this reason, so give them a try if you must AirPlay those Apple TV+ shows to your TV. Both of this software may use a makeover, but based on the feedback, they seem to perform at the very least.

Cast a tab from your Chrome window to your Chromecast

Casting a tab from the Chrome window is perhaps the most stylish way to play Apple TV+ content on your Chromecast or Android TV. You may not be aware that Apple TV+ has a web app; if you already have an account, just sign in with your Apple credentials and watch your favorite show on your PC. The built-in Cast feature in the desktop Chrome browser can then be used to cast your browser to your TV.

The only caveat to this approach is that, based on your network configuration and other considerations, the desktop-to-TV Casting experience will not be as good as it should be. You must also monitor all aspects of playback from your laptop, which isn't necessarily the most relaxing experience — most people would like to be able to use a remote.

Connect an Apple computer directly to your television

You might easily plug an Apple computer into a TV if you have at least one on hand — because odds are you do if you're reading this guide and want to watch Apple TV+ shows at all. Since I have an iPad Pro, I plugged it directly into the TV using an HDMI adapter like this one from Anker. I quickly opened the Apple TV app from there, and I was good to go — maximum quality, minimal iPad battery drain, and smooth power from my iPad.

However, even if you don't have an Apple computer, you can still use this form. As previously reported, Apple TV+ has a web streaming app, so you could log in there and link your PC to your TV to watch from there.

Purchase a Roku or Fire TV for a low price

Another simple approach to this problem is to actually go out and buy a Roku or Fire TV (or even an Apple TV — they can be found on sale or secondhand for very low prices) and call it a day. Apple TV+ applications are entirely supported on both the Roku and Fire TV systems, so if you own one of these computers, all you have to do is update the software and you're good to go.

Here are some wonderful Roku and Fire TV system solutions that will solve your problems right away:

To sum things up

To cut a long story short, getting an elegant Apple TV+ viewing experience on Chromecast or Android TV isn't easy right now. There is currently no Apple TV+ Android app with Chromecast support and no native Apple TV app for Android TV. Your best choices right now are using third-party AirPlay software on your Android TV, casting tabs from your Chrome window, directly connecting a PC or Apple TV to your TV, or just purchasing an inexpensive supported streaming stick.

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