HDR10+ is the next major change in technology, as HDR standards have taken over. Chromecast with Google TV, as well as a few other gadgets and games, is formally approved for HDR10+ support this week.

HDR10+ approval has been granted to Chromecast for Google TV

According to FlatPanelsHD and WhatHiFi, both the Chromecast with Google TV and the Roku Express+ have been approved for HDR10+ this week. The recent extension of the standard coincides with the announcement by Paramount+, the current host of material previously found on CBS All Access and other services, that it will begin streaming some of its shows in HDR10+, including The Stand, its original series.

HDR10+ isn't commonly used yet, but it will run on Chromecast with Google TV for a limited number of users. Amazon Prime Video has been streaming some of its original shows in HDR10+, including The Grand Tour and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, but it's unknown what other applications do or whether Prime Video supports HDR10+ on Chromecast.

Google's Matt Frost said in a tweet that the company is "pleased" to back HDR10+ and sees it as a "key enabler" moving forward.

Google is excited to join the growing list of organizations that have adopted HDR10+ and are collaborating with HDR+ Technologies LLC. We see HDR10+ as a key enabler for Chromecast for Google TV and other platforms in the future, and we're looking forward to assisting our numerous industry partners in achieving a better HDR experience.

Google has previously invested in HDR10+ via its Play Movies service. On the latest Chromecast, the service is integrated right into Google TV. Google has been contacted for comment on which applications on Chromecast support HDR10+.

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